The Crypto Awards (TCA) are about rewarding ideas and efforts of the best crypto projects in the world. The Crypto Awards are international and submissions are accepted from all around the world. The awards honors and showcase teams, companies, developers and groups for blockchain related projects and coins. Giving a great deal of visibility to cryptocurrency projects, with experienced judges that are fair and with solid reputations in the world of crypto.

Winners will be rewarded with official certificates and big mentions on our platform and social media channels to thousands of traders. The Crypto world does expands rapidly, and almost daily new coins and projects launch, so it takes a lot of time for investors and traders to get a good overview of what's happened on the market, TCA will help highlight the very best projects making it easier for them to determine risks.

Benefits for participants

Being nominated on TCA comes with great potential benefits for participants. Participants receive scores and feedback from an international judging panel of experts, which even if they don’t win, could help fine tune some projects so they can improve and become stronger, and for the winners of the awards, the glory of being the best and the attention that naturally comes from winning!

Featuring the best in the business

TCA features work by some of the world's best crypto projects, teams and companies. We also highlight professional creatives from the corporate, finance and tech sectors, to name a few.

Submission Information

To place your work in front of lots of traffic and views online, including some of the world's most successful original blockchain professionals, and for a chance to be awarded Project of the Month, Special Project Awards, and Project of the Year. Here's what you need to know to submit your project:


Submissions should include beautiful key visuals (Example: screenshot from the website) and accurate information including a correct email address to receive notifications about your submission. Projects must have working blockchain related tech, and the work must have some original elements or be unique in some way. Racist, pornographic or hate based projects will not receive a nomination. Entry information is to be in English when possible.


Each project submitted is professionally evaluated by TCA's highly experienced judging team based on the project's originality, tech, functionality, usability, and ideas. Approved projects are deemed Nominees and awarded a score.

At the end of each month, all nominees' scores from the previous days are compared, and the project with the highest score is awarded project of the month and scheduled for promotion on the next available date.

Notification & Promotion

Successful nominees and winners will be notified by email and news of their achievement will be posted across TCA's vast social networks.

All successful projects will be featured in our relevant gallery. Winners will receive official certificates and international recognition. Annual winners of the project of the year are awarded and shipped their very own shiny coin trophy!