Apr 2017

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Project Info

At Factom, we make the world’s systems honest. Honesty is good for business.

People and institutions today can solve hard problems and change the world for the better when they have a reliable framework to build on. Systems that are honest free up dead capital. This allows companies to grow and helps people to lift themselves out of poverty. We believe honest systems unlock everyone’s untapped potential.

We see a future world where fraud, corruption, and forgery are a thing of the past. We believe in keeping private data private and securing the world’s wealth because privacy and possession of property are basic human rights. Life can be a little more fair with Factom.

Factom™ technology is leading the world in applying blockchain solutions to Enterprise, Government and Non-Profit systems. The Factom™ data layer provides active solutions for compliance, identity, transparent assets, and securities. With the Factom™ data layer, our solutions can sustainably scale and be customized to the needs of all sized businesses at a low cost. With the ability to anchor into a secure, decentralized network, your data has never be more secure.

Using Factom™ data-layer solutions will save your company time and money on auditing tasks that can keep your people from focusing on customers and big picture initiatives. Factom™ technology is also architected to integrate seamlessly with legacy systems so companies can apply a blockchain backend to secure almost any system.

"We started Factom to build a more honest and transparent world. We take a pretty simple approach: create software that makes it impossible to change the past and point that software at places where it solves valuable business problems."

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